Male Infertility(sprems ki kami ka ilaj)

Male Infertility(sperms ki kami ka ilaj)

Friends, ten years ago today, they were very sick of sperm deficiency
Over time, food, food, chemicals, fast food, these things gave the gift that many friends are upset because of the lack of sperm.

In this regard, I am presenting a prescription at your service today, which is my usual medicine. The owner of healing is God Almighty. Try to brighten up the dull homes and remember this medical student in prayers

Prescription service
Grind the silver towel in a watery yellow flower in 25 towels and give 3 kg of apple fire.
The above mentioned towel
Flower orbit 1 towel
Jensing 1 towel
Beach Conch 2 towels
Root handle 2 towels
Saffron 1/2 towel

Make a powder like dust and fill it with 500 capsules this morning and evening
With milk
Add a tablespoon of cottonseed powder to the milk and boil it
2 to 3 weeks of use will suffice, God willing

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