You are currently viewing Signs or symptoms of gas pain and treatment | گیس کا درد ہونے کی وجوہات اورعلاج

Signs or symptoms of gas pain and treatment | گیس کا درد ہونے کی وجوہات اورعلاج

Signs or symptoms of gas pain and treatment | گیس کا درد ہونے کی وجوہات اورعلاج

Causes of gas pain
Our digestive process begins when food passes through the mouth and enters our stomach. The digestion of food depends on amino acids, glucose and fatty acids. If the gastrointestinal function and digestion process is normal, then after the absorption of food within the intestines, the waste is expelled and there’s no pain of gas. This whole system also has a bearing on the blood circulation. If it’s not completely excreted or a part of it gets into the blood, it affects the entire body.

Gas leaks in numerous parts of the body
When we eat, food enters the stomach and an oversized amount of blood arrives to assist with the digestive process. The blood itself produces a form of fluid. This fluid converts food into a form that the body can digest. That is, it enables its useful components to be converted into blood and removes unnecessary substances from the intestines.

When someone needs the assistance of blood to digest his stomach, he’s in an exceedingly state of mental stress or within the wrong physical position, the blood won’t be able to head to the stomach but to the brain. The result are that the stomach won’t function properly and there’ll be no or little or no gastric secretion. As a result, the food won’t be digested properly.

Some people experience gas pain within the back of the hand or within the shoulder or within the abdomen and that they think that they need heartache after we eat sustenance or drink juice from straw. Chewing gum, toffees, frozen dessert or other suckers. after we eat things, some air enters our stomach. this could also cause gas problems.

Thus, gas is of course expelled, but those that have poor digestion or constipation, the air becomes a reason behind pain in numerous parts of their body.

Signs or symptoms of gas pain and treatment | گیس کا درد ہونے کی وجوہات اورعلاج

Useful tips
* in the morning for breakfast should be employed by dissolving the peels of spaghetti in water or milk.
* Fry the fennel on the stove and keep it in an exceedingly box. Eat one spoon within the morning and evening, there’ll be no gas.
* Morning tea consumption also eliminates gas.
* Drink cardamom powder with a glass of water, it’ll relieve immediate pain.
* Drinking fennel tea also relieves gas pain.

* Chewing food doesn’t cause gas. Eating sustenance puts pressure on the stomach and causes pain.
don’t drink water after eating.
* Set a dinner time and cling to that.
* Maximize the utilization of ginger, pepper in food.
tea leaf should be used rather than tea.
* Use sweet pepper rather than red pepper in meals.
the utilization of garlic soup is additionally useful in gas pain.

* Use turmeric in foods the maximum amount as possible.
* Make your toilet routine and cling to that.
* Celery, fennel, pepper and mint tea made orally or drink while sleeping doesn’t cause gas.
* Gas ​​pain is relieved by grinding soft leaves of guava and dissolving it in water
* Adding salt to radish juice and drinking it cures pain
* Grind rye in water, spread a muslin cloth and apply it and take away it after ten minutes.
there’ll be amazing benefits in stomach ache. Grinding cumin and licking it with honey cures stomach ache.

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