Treatment of Baby Teeth Problems | Baby child Teeth proble | bachon ke dant nikalny ki takleef ka ilaj | hakeem muhammad ismail

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Teething is a very difficult and stressful time for children and their parents, especially mothers, and children also suffer a lot at this time. Most of the time due to the discomfort in the yellow hands and mouth in children. Changing eating habits, and many problems occur. And soft and delicate, beautiful and healthy children become weak and frail. In this age, what parents do to see their children healthy and strong, these are the same parents. Those who have gone through this period know that here I am proposing a prescription for the convenience of these children. InshaAllah, this prescription works very well. Here I am writing two prescriptions. According to him, both the prescriptions have been certified and have been repeatedly tested and insha’Allah they have no side effects.
هو الشافی ۔۔
1. Seeds of mustard seeds. In our country, they are also called seeds of sherin. Take at least eleven seeds and soak them in water.
The baby’s teeth will come out easily and gently … and the baby will be safe from disorders and fatigue, God willing.
2. Take copper wire and zinc wire
The size and length of both should be such that it becomes a necklace of the child’s neck … Wrap the two wires together and wrap them around each other like a rope. Now, depending on the season, a beautiful cotton or silk cloth on it C. The throat is ready. Put it around the child’s neck. Insha’Allah, the above-mentioned promise will save him from suffering and suffering by the grace of Allah. May Allah Almighty keep you all happy in your prayers. Amen

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